AlUla in 360. Immerse yourself from wherever you are.

Whilst travel remains challenging, the Royal Commission for Alula (RCU) has launched an immersive 360 digital experience of all the key locations across this incredible region. Tracing 200,000 years of human history, the platform allows virtual visitors to gain a sense of the atmosphere and scale of the societies that made this place home over the centuries.

Largely off limits to visitors for decades, the initiative on the RCU's website now takes this unique UNESCO-listed site to a global audience. From the ancient kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan, to the 100-plus tombs of Jabal Al Banat, each specific area of significance is covered in superb detail.

The RCU recently announce that AlUla will be open to all visitors from October 2020, having been restricted to attendees of specific events over the last 2 years.

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