Cruise liners added to Saudi's domestic tourism options.

Saudi's beautiful and remote Red Sea coast is set to play host to Cruise Ships for the first time. Added as part of the Saudi Tourism Authority's 'Break Free' domestic tourism campaign, the initiative will open up a hitherto inaccessible part of the Kingdom's natural attractions.

Leading cruise companies will operate the new program, which will offer citizens and residents a choice of several itineraries along the Saudi Red Sea coast. Passengers are expected to enjoy a world-class luxury cruising experience and a wide variety of on-board leisure, dining and entertainment options.

In keeping with Saudi's world-class COVID 19 policies, the STA has aligned with the Ministry of Health, tour operators and other parties to put in place the most stringent protocols

to safeguard the health of passengers and provide a pleasant and safe tourism experience.

The "Break Free" campaign, which is running until the end of September, has been warmly welcomed by domestic travelers eager to enjoy the diverse range of travel experiences in the country. The campaign covers ten destinations around Saudi Arabia with a particular emphasis on the Red Sea coast.

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