Desert X AlUla 2020. Saudi's Art Oasis.

There is something compelling about placing art and architecture in desert settings. Perhaps it's the incongruous nature of human creations in remote locations or simply that the stripped-back environment allows the object to take centre stage. Either way, this relationship has formed the basis for Desert X, the contemporary art festival staged in Coachella in the US.

Now Desert X and the Royal Commission for AlUla are embarking on Desert X AlUla, a collaboration taking the festival into the unique UNESCO heritage region in Saudi. The exhibition, which runs from January 31st to March, will feature large-scale installations by artists from Saudi and around the world. Focusing on themes around humankind, the works will also reference the history of the area and the successive civilizations and cultures that have left their mark.

Coming on the heels of 21,39 Jeddah Arts, Desert X AlUla will take art lovers out of the usual urban environments and into the raw splendor of an already awe-inspiring location. Expect the imagery to be jaw dropping.

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