EcoTrail Alula- retracing ancient footprints. Is this the world's most unique EcoTrail Race?

There is something that fits nicely about holding an Eco Race in AlUla. Although the ancient travelers who crossed this landscape didn't have isotonic drinks and trainers, they moved mainly on foot and left little trace. On February 8th 2020, Eco race athletes will have the chance to make history by taking part in the inaugural EcoTrail AlUla.

Broken down into 4 separate categories, the event will cover distances of 10km, 50km and 80km. The 10km distance is split into a run and a hike - for those of a more relaxed disposition. All the races will take in the spectacular historic locations and natural features of AlUla, creating a truly unique backdrop for the participants and the media covering the event.

Trail running has a built a big global following with the EcoTrail brand being at the forefront of the mass participation events that have evolved globally. Combining human endurance and competition with the values of being environmentally conscious and leaving as minimal "footprint" as possible, Saudi has the natural landscape to create a series of its own in diverse and little seen settings.

The draw of competing in this inaugural event in such a stunning setting and it being a round of the EcoTrail series means it will likely attract a field of leading athletes and provide another boost to Saudi's dynamic tourism marketing campaign.

(For full disclosure the author has registered to participate and is already feeling a bit nervous..).

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