Hajj goes virtual

With the decision hanging in the balance on whether the Hajj pilgrimage will go ahead this year, a forward thinking creative agency in Egypt have released details of the first Virtual Reality experience of Mecca. "Whilst many software developers have been focusing on creating virtual experiences for conferences and events, this is the first major platform we have seen that focuses on virtual religious travel for the world's 1.8Billion Muslims", said Ashraf Al Azmi, co-founder of www.thehajj.travel .

Developed by Ehab Fares and his team at BSocial in Cairo, "Experience Makkah" the first true virtual reality experience from the Middle East will give the user a real taste of what it's like to be in the most sacred place in the Islamic world.

Once geared up, the user will be transported to the grand mosque, facing the Kaaba up close and personal. Muslim worshipers from different races, ethnics and countries are practicing in Tawaf, moving around the Kaaba representing harmony, peace and equality.

More details of the app and its features can be found here

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