Riyadh is buzzing! And there's more to come..

1.2 million. That's the estimated number of people who visited the Riyadh Boulevard zone on the first two days of its debut as part of the Riyadh Season. To put that in perspective, in percentage terms that 15% of the total population of Saudi's capital! In this new era the appetite for entertainment in the city has surprised even the most optimistic stakeholders.

Whilst the initial surge may have abated, the city remains buzzing with over 3000 events being staged over 2 months. London's famous Winter Wonderland has been shipped in its entirety to the middle of the Arabian peninsula and will be another major draw for residents and visitors. Last weekend's Color Run Riyadh attracted around 20,000 participants to the boisterous paint-fueled 5k course. Everything from sports events to some of the worlds best known restaurants in pop-up form are taking place across the city until mid-December.

Still to come (amongst many others) are the WWE Crown Jewel wrestling extravaganza on October 31st at the King Fahd International Stadium, Cirque de Soleil and Riyadh Safari starting on November 1st. With the newly available tourist visas available online in minutes, there's never been a better time to explore Saudi's biggest city and keep your-self entertained.

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