Cultural awareness- what you need to know.

Following the release of the new tourist visas, the Saudi authorities have also released information to help guide visitors on cultural and behavioral practices. Saudi is generally regarded as a deeply conservative country and up until now visitors have had to abide by the same rules as the locals in terms of dress general decency codes. Now though, many of these rules have been relaxed and tourists are no longer required to adhere to the old edicts.

In their place the Saudi Government has issued a much-simplified public decorum charter along with the penalties for violation. Of those most relevant to visitors to the kingdom, wearing improper clothing or clothing with obscene/profane designs and taking photos or videos of people or incidents without approval probably rate the highest.

This simplified code goes along way to making a trip to Saudi feel much less risky. Travelers who take the time to make themselves aware of the local norms should feel pretty relaxed and free to

enjoy the deep-rooted hospitality found around the country.

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