What makes a Saudi? Two events that paint a portrait.

Amongst the wave of entertainment and cultural events around Saudi Arabia, two new shows are being staged to illustrate to locals and visitors alike the rich and complex backstory of the country and its people.

Ithra in Dhahran is presenting "Being Saudi" which explores the traditions from various regions of Saudi Arabia that have helped to define the Kingdom’s unique cultural landscape.  Running all the way through to 2021, the exhibit takes visitors on a cultural journey across four heritage paths around Music, Patterns, National Costume, and Poetry. 

Meanwhile, in the capital, preparations are underway for the finale of the inaugural and hugely successful Riyadh Season

, the centerpiece of which will be a massive show titled "Leila, Land of Imagination". Depicting the dreams of a curious 10 year-old Saudi girl, the production will illustrate what it means to be a young Saudi during a time of great change as the country continues its Vision 2030 journey, embracing its unique heritage whilst keeping its eyes firmly on the future.

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