Your key to the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia is, without doubt, a new frontier in tourism. A large and diverse country that currently defies the understanding of those who have not lived there or visited many times. Deliberately restricted to visitors for many decades, it represents a mysterious and exotic new destination, only 5 hours from the major cities and trend-seeking tourists of Europe. What does it offer them?

Whether you are a culture or thrill seeker, a nature lover or adventure craver, Saudi has something for everyone. Although the leisure tourism infrastructure is still very much in its infancy, the possibilities to explore this little known part of Arabia are growing by the week. UNESCO sites such as the Petra-rivaling AlUla, with its "Winter in Tantora" festival, are now within reach and promise delight and bragging-rights for those willing to make the trip soon. The port city of Jeddah, with its melting-pot past on the shores of the Red Sea, offers an unique urban experience through its historic quarters and street life. For those who are a more intrepid, the southern region of Al Soudah gives visitors a taste of mountain life with its cooler climate and distinct population, as well as some of the most pristine coastline to be found anywhere.

As the Kingdom rapidly opens up and builds on its instinctive hospitality and authentic culture, the opportunity for travelers to explore and experience a new corner of the world will become more accessible. Visit Saudi now and be one of the first!

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