This page aims to give our visitors the most up to date information on obtaining tourist visas for Saudi Arabia.  We are constantly monitoring Saudi government updates on services and channels with the objective of being accurate, however we cannot guarantee all information as the current tourism outlook in Saudi Arabia is very dynamic and subject to frequent change.
How can I get a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia?
In September 2019 the Saudi Government approved the issuance of online and on-arrival visas for visitors from 49 countries .  In October 2019 they announced that these visa options would be extended to anyone currently holding a valid tourist visa for the US, UK and EU Schengen area.  All tourist visa applications can be made at
Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of visitors each year from all over the world, and obtaining the proper visa is your first step toward a unique and rewarding travel experience.
What does my tourist visa cover?
Visas are valid for 12 months and multiple entry, with each single visit being limited to 90 days.